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    Advance Praise for I'll Be the Parent, You Be the Kid

    "The book is engagingly written, full of thought-provoking arguments. Paul Kropp, father and former teacher, clearly likes children and he's good at dealing with them. He is also alarmed by current tendencies for parents to abdicate responsibility for teaching their offspring basic values. Many of Kropp's ideas come from his own experience and intuition. What particularly impresses me about this book, however, is his willingness to move beyond that experience and to carefully consider the scientific evidence about children's development. Thoughtful study, keen insight, and an entertaining writing style combine to produce a first-rate book."

    - Dr. Joan Grusec, author of Parenting and Children's Internalization of Values

    Praise for The Reading Solution

    "If you are a parent, you need to read this book." - Robert Munsch

    "Worth its weight in gold." - Today's Parent


    Praise for The School Solution

    "This practical and straightforward guide to Canadian schools is an excellent resource that deserves space on every parent's bookshelf" - The Toronto Sun

    "Excellent information for parents who have children in any grade." - The Calgary Herald


    With the many parenting books available today, its not surprising many parents are confused by the wide range of methods, styles and quick-fix solutions being suggested. In I'll be The Parent, You Be the Kid Paul Kropp considers the most difficult issues in parenting using real-life scenarios and offers firm opinions based on the latest research. Drawing on his own experience as an educator and parent, his talks with hundreds of Canadian families and 40 years of reliable parenting research, Paul Kropp tackles such tough topics as:

    • discipline and spanking

    • sibling rivalry - what's "normal"?

    • how much daycare is good daycare?

    • the impact of television on kids and families

    • the myth of quality time


    Paid Kropp is the author of the national best-selling books The Reading Solution and The School Solution and more than thirty books for children and young adults. His work has been published in Britain and the United States as well as in Canada. Kropp is a teacher and editor and the father of five children.


    ISBN 0-679-30920-9


    Random House of Canada


    Till Fight for the Family

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