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We, in the NCHR, deeply regret the suffering caused to all the children who have been taken into care and placed in foster homes on arbitrary grounds. We also extend our sympathy to their parents and relatives. Christmas time is Family time. However, during the Christmas season, the social services in the Nordic countries almost systematically refuse contact between the children in public care and their families.


In August 2007, the team appointed by the Swedish government to investigate the experiences of the former children's home children, after interviewing over 100 of them, presented Part One of their report. They admitted that they were shocked and dismayed at the way the adults in charge of the foster homes and institutions treated the children in their care.


The Swedish government has however not addressed the conditions for the children who are at present living in foster homes and institutions.


This year, like the past ten years, the NCHR has sent out our Christmas Appeal to the Heads of State of our four Nordic countries, the prime ministers and the government ministers whose departments are directly involved in the taking of children into care and placing them in foster homes or institutions. It is high time that children's Human Rights to their parents and parents' and relatives' Human Rights to their children that are guaranteed in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms, should be respected by the authorities in the Nordic countries.

Warmest Christmas and New Year greetings

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