His 'law' is rubbish says mum

His 'law' is rubbish says mum




COT death mum Michelle Horton yesterday launched a scathing attack on Sir Roy Meadow, saying he should never be used as an expert witness again.

Michelle, who lost three of her babies to cot death, said: “Because of him up to six other mums in prison could have their verdicts reviewed as there is a strong chance they may not be guilty.

“His theories are flawed and his so-called law is complete rubbish.

“I’m the living proof of that. I suffered the agony of three of my babies dying from cot death and I did NOT kill them.


“It is as if Sir Roy has something personal against cot death mums.” Michelle’s son Christopher died in 1993 at just five weeks old. The following year she gave birth to twins Ryan and Rachel. Ryan died at 12 weeks old, Rachel a month later.

The authorities found no evidence of injury to the babies but Michelle, 32, still faced taunts of “murderer” in her home town of Cardiff.

Michelle, who also has a ten-year-old daughter, Alex, says: “I was lucky. I never went through the agony of a trial. But that’s only because I had witnesses.

“If I hadn’t maybe Sir Roy would have convinced a jury I was guilty as well and I would now be in prison, too.”




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