Girl starved by foster parents. The Lori and Tommy Allain case

Girl starved by foster parents - The Lori and Tommy Allain case

A series of articles in different American media June 19 - 30, 2004.


BROOKSVILLE, Florida - She spent a third of her young life behind a bedroom door, locked to keep her brother from sneaking in snacks. She drank milk and, three times a day, received a spoonful of food. When the authorities found her, she was 10 years old and 29 pounds.

The couple entrusted by the state to care for her said it was for her own good.

``When they showed me pictures of the 10-year-old girl, it reminded me of the photos after World War II of the Nazi death camps,'' Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent said. ``Her eyes and face are sunken. The little girl has some serious problems that may affect her mental development.''

A month after child welfare workers removed the girl and her brother from the Brooksville home, authorities on Friday arrested Arthur Thomas Allain Jr., 46, and Lori Allain, 47, both of

14327 Hurricane Drive
, on charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect.

They were released from the Hernando County Jail after posting $20,000 bail each.



Couple Accused Of Starving Girl
By Cliff Hightower


Brooksville couple fights child abuse charges


Couple keeps custody of children
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DCF Where Are You?

DCF to investigate itself over case of supposedly starved girl
an ABC Action News report


Malnourished girl thrusts DCF back into spotlight 
By Robert King and Curtis Krueger


More troubles for Hernando County couple


DCF Reacts To Ongoing Abuse Case
By Sherri Ackerman


Sexual Abuse Allegations Made In Case Of Starvation
By Sherri Ackerman


Parents in abuse case separated from boys
By Aaron Sharockman


DCF seeks whereabouts of Allain boys
By Cliff Hightower


Authorities look for couple's four sons
By Robert King



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