Gay couple abused their foster kids

Gay couple abused their foster kids

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This article was previously published on ITV-News on May 22, 2006. It has since then been removed from their web site:






A gay couple have been warned they face long sentences after being found guilty of assaulting their foster children.


Ian Wathey, 40, and his partner Craig Faunch, 32, were approved as foster fathers by Wakefield Council nearly three years ago


But within months they were using the boys from troubled homes for their own sexual gratification, the court was told.


Judge Sally Cahill QC remanded the men in custody for the preparation of pre-sentence reports and warned them they were "facing a substantial period in custody".


Faunch was found guilty of two charges of making indecent photos of a child. The court was told that he used a camcorder to film two naked eight-year-old boys in the shower.

He was also found guilty of five counts of sexual activity with a 14-year-old boy.


Wathey was found guilty of four charges of sexual activity with a 14-year-old boy and of encouraging a child to watch a gay porn video.

He was cleared of two charges of sexual activity with a child by the jury.


Wakefield Council's Service Director for Children in Need, Kitty Ferris, said: "Mr Faunch and Mr Wathey's applications to become foster carers were approved by the council in accordance with statutory requirements and council policy.

"The allegations made against them were referred to the police as quickly as possible and were subject to a joint investigation by the police and Social Services under the safeguarding procedures.

"This investigation led to the prosecution of the couple.

"Mr Faunch and Mr Wathey have not been permitted to care for children in their capacity as foster carers since the allegations were made, in line with council policy.

"The council has now terminated their approval as foster carers.

"In addition, all steps have been taken to limit their access to children and ensure the protection of children."

Gay couple abused their foster kids
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Gay couple left free to abuse boys - because social workers feared being branded homophobic


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