Foster parents say they were shortchanged

Foster parents say they were shortchanged

The article below is about the costs of foster care in New York. It is very interesting because it shows the enormous costs that foster care of children are to the tax-payers. The social services make expensive contracts with the foster parents - who rightfully can demand payment in fulfillment of their contracts - instead of giving the children's natural families the resources to keep their families together.


According to the article, New York spends about $200 million annually on contracts with foster agencies for the estimated 17 000 children in foster care.


If the costs of foster care in New York were put in relation to the number of children in care in California we would get the following results:

New York spends $117 647.05 per child/year, or $9 803.92 per child/month, or $326.80 per child/day. This does not include medical care or counseling which is paid by Medicaid, or clothing, food stamps or respite care which is paid by welfare.  The department also gets an administration fee over and above these figures from the federal government. 

California has an estimated 109 185 foster children and using these figures, CA would be spending $12 845 293 154.25 per year on its foster care program, not including Medicaid and Welfare expenditures.




Foster parents say they were shortchanged
By Lauren Terrazzano

Dozens of New York City and Long Island foster parents say they have been cheated out of thousands of dollars to care for abused or neglected children placed in their care by the city's embattled Administration for Children's Services.
In an effort to crack down on problems with private foster care agencies that funnel money from the city agency to families, the city terminated contracts with several of the agencies. Some families say the agencies were paying them a fraction of what they were legally owed.

NY January 20, 2006




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