Foster home and adoptive home abuse cases


A series of articles published in various media October 28, 2003 February 4, 2005


NJ Pair Accused Of Starving Kids
CBS News article

A couple whose adopted teenage sons weighed less than 50 pounds have been arrested on charges of starving four boys they adopted through the state Division of Youth and Family Services, New Jersey's troubled child welfare agency.


More Charges In Starved Kids Case?
State officials were investigating whether a caseworker ignored evidence that four malnourished boys were being starved by their adoptive parents to determine if criminal charges should be filed, the governor said Monday.
"It's inconceivable how a case worker could go there and not detect these atrocious conditions," Gov. James E. McGreevey said during an appearance in Jamesburg.


Case Workers Fired In N.J. Abuse
By Tom Bell

The state's troubled child welfare agency blames the latest horror — four badly malnourished boys found in their adoptive home — on its own incompetent, uncaring or dishonest employees.

N.J. Starved-Kids Couple Indicted
 A couple accused of starving their four adopted sons was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury, a prosecutor said.
Raymond and Vanessa Jackson were each indicted on 28 counts of aggravated assault and child endangerment in a case that inspired widespread outrage and was a touchstone for efforts to reform
New Jersey's child welfare system.


Abuse Claims At Noted Foster Home
By Woody Baird

A little more than a year after Tom and Debbie Schmitz were profiled in heartwarming news stories as religious, caring foster parents, 18 children have been removed from their home amid charges of abuse and neglect.


Couple Accused Of Torturing Kids
By Vickie Cachere

Five children were starved, shocked and hit with a hammer by a couple who disappeared after they were confronted by authorities, officials said.
John Dollar, 58, and his wife Linda Dollar, 51, remained missing Friday, four days after they skipped a hearing with the Department of Children & Families, the Citrus County Sheriff's Office said. The Dollars are wanted on felony charges of aggravated child abuse.




Girl starved by foster parents - The Lori and Tommy Allain case
A series of articles in various American media, June 19 - 30, 2004


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