5-year old disappeared from foster home for more than one year.
The social services did not miss her.
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May 4 --
May 27, 2002, and other articles


Police Arrest Caretakers In Rilya Wilson Case
The caseworker for a missing 5-year-old girl faced being fired for falsifying records and "unbecoming conduct" before she was allowed to resign earlier this year, according to documents obtained by CNN.

Women Who Cared for Still-Missing Florida Girl Are Charged With Abusing Her Before She Disappeared
By Catherine Wilson

Two women who cared for a still-missing Florida girl were charged Wednesday with abusing her before she vanished - placing her in an animal cage and tying her to her bed.
Geralyn Graham, 58, was charged with kidnapping and aggravated child abuse causing great bodily harm for actions leading up to the disappearance of Rilya Wilson - a unsolved case that rocked
Florida's child welfare agency.

Judge 'Case of missing girl absolutely despicable'
The family court judge who has presided over the case of little Rilya Wilson since she became a ward of Florida was visibly agitated Monday morning at a status hearing for the 5-year-old who was missing for more than a year before the state realized she was gone.

Missing girls caseworker accused of lying
The caseworker for a missing 5-year-old girl faced being fired for falsifying records and "unbecoming conduct" before she was allowed to resign earlier this year, according to documents obtained by CNN.

Privacy law muddles missing girl query
A clash between laws respecting privacy and those urging open government has stalled a panel's investigation into the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl.

Police investigate past of missing girl's caregiver 
Police investigating the case of Rilya Wilson, a 5-year-old missing girl from Miami, Florida, are widening their look into the youngster's caretaker, Geralyn Graham.

Florida panel: More children may be at risk
A review panel looking into the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl found that despite the attention given to the child's case, flaws in Florida's child welfare agency still exist and more children could be at risk.

One little lost girl, one huge bureaucratic mess
By Carl Hiaasen

Three feet tall. Forty pounds. No wonder Rilya Wilson got lost. She's way too small for a place as big and crowded as Florida. There are 16 million people here, mostly grown-ups busy with their own lives and their own grown-up problems.  

The Lost Children
Fla. Official Says Hundreds of Foster Kids Have Been Lost
By Brian Ross

As Florida Gov. Jeb Bush signed a new law intended to protect foster children Wednesday, ABCNEWS' Good Morning America discovered there are hundreds of kids who have been lost by the state's child-welfare system.

Where is Rilya Wilson?
State of Florida loses child, doesn't notice for 16 months
By H.P. Albarelli Jr.

It's a bureaucratic nightmare beyond comprehension: How a state social services agency could lose a 4-year-old girl and for 16 months fail to notice or report the incident.
That's the case of Rilya Wilson, who was lost by the state of
Florida and whose whereabouts, despite national media coverage of the incident, are still a mystery.  

Why child agencies lose kids
Since case of missing Rilya Wilson, Florida can't locate 3 percent of its foster children.
By Mark Sappenfield

Rilya Wilson's story, everyone acknowledges, is appalling. It is the subject of astonishment from the street corners of Cuban barrios to Fort Lauderdale's wholefoods markets: How could Florida simply lose one of its foster children?

DCF Worker Shaken By Rilya Wilson Case
Says Progress Notes Missing From File

When Dora Betancourt opened the file for Rilya Wilson, she knew something was wrong. The bulging file just wasn't big enough. Betancourt's first thought was, "This is it? Is there another volume?" The file should have contained monthly "progress notes" on Rilya and her sister, Rodericka. But the notes abruptly ended 15 months earlier. Betancourt, a 21-year veteran of the Department of Children & Families, is the state worker who discovered Rilya was missing in April.


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