Feminist bunk will cause society's collapse


In the article featured below, Charley Reese writes that feminist bunk will cause society's collapse. He should have written "civilization", not "society". "Western civilization" is already dead, and Feminism was one of the things that killed it.

In May 2005 Swedish Television showed two documentaries "The Sex War 1 & 2" both of which featured the feminist movement. "The Sex War part 2" showed the very roots of the serious problems facing present day
Sweden: Extreme feminists have occupied important positions and therefore have been able to exert a decisive influence over research and law-making. Under the former Minister of Equality, Margareta Winberg, the views of the extreme feminists have been transformed to "truths". Those who do not agree with the views of the extreme feminists risk being marginalised and ostracised. The extreme feminists have received several millions of Crowns in state funding, as against pro-family organisations like the NCHR that receive no state funding at all.

The position taken by the representatives of the government in "The Sex War part 2" resembles the "inexplicable anti-family attitudes" that former Minister of Justice Gun Hellsvik and former School Minister Beatrice Ask described in an article in the Swedish Daily on
September 5, 1993. These "inexplicable anti-family attitudes" reflect especially in the tens of thousands of cases of the unnecessary taking of children into public care and placing them in foster homes.





Feminist bunk will cause society's collapse

By Charley Reese

Some years ago a British officer, Sir John Glubb, wrote a pamphlet on the rise and fall of empires. A sure sign of an empire's decline and impending fall was, he said, the rise of feminism.






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