A Warning to Poor Parents

A Warning to Poor Parents
by Joseph Sarandos


This article, in poem form, was previously published in one of our Link sites
Fight CPS and Win.

It is republished here with the kind consent of the author.


If you're very poor, on welfare rolls especially,
and if you use illegal drugs, whatever the degree,
or alcohol enough to make you drunk from time to time,
or if you are engaged in any sort of willful crime,
then you are most at risk of losing children to the State,
and having non-related men and women choose their fate.

Unlike your pets and property, your money, or your car,
which are protected by the laws no matter who you are,
so can't be seized by government without established cause,
your children are the government's, according to the laws,
so can be moved at any time, to any other place,
before a single charge in court you ever have to face.

And while they're being kept from you, before you go to court,
your children will be trained and coached in lies of the worst sort,
so they will be believed when they are called to testify,
and everyone in court will say "the children never lie!"
You'll try to prove your innocence, but find it is no use,
and you will be found guilty of the sin of child abuse.

By law, you'll have your own attorney at no cost to you,
but he or she in fact is working for the System, too,
with obligation to report what's told in confidence
by parents trying to establish their own innocence,
if they admit to punishing a child in any way
that is considered "child abuse" by standards of today.

This System needs its victims, otherwise it gets no pay,
so it will try to take your children just because it may,
for any reason true or false, supported by reports,
as grist to feed its mill, which mill includes its special courts.
You have no chance of winning just because you're innocent,
or just because your child was harmed or marked by accident.

This System makes its money by providing "Services"
to children and their parents, through its many Offices,
its many Foster Parents, many Family Therapists,
its many Doctors, Lawyers, even many Hypnotists,
who'll shunt you back and forth for just as long as they get paid,
until you "make admissions" after all your nerves are frayed.

"We cannot help you while you're in denial," they will say,
"and if you want to be united with your child someday,
you'll have to let us help you cure the problems that we find,
so we can tell the Court that you are healthy in your mind,
or else we'll have to fail you from this course of therapy,
and you will lose your child forever, with no remedy."

So, you'll admit to having done the horrid things they say
Because you cannot "please the Court" in any other way,
and if you do not please the Court, there'll be no hope at all,
while "false admission" gives at least a chance, however small,
of being reunited, after all is said and done,
with your God-given, blood-related daughter or your son.

But, once you've made such false admission, you have sealed your fate,
regardless that the Court is told you did cooperate,
and that you made an effort to repent for your mistake,
and that you made these sacrifices for your children's sake.
The chances are that you'd been charged with "sexual abuse",
along with any other charges; that's a common ruse.

Oh yes, your child will be examined by a specialist,
and tested by a "sexual awareness" therapist,
who'll find "in their opinions" that you are a pedophile,
and that you'd been molesting your own baby all the while.
They'll even offer "evidence" to bolster this false claim,
and tell the Court that you could be the only one to blame.

Of course, this is not possible with babies of your own,
and only barely possible with children that are grown,
but nonetheless, this has been "proven well beyond a doubt,"
through false "admissions" that the Service System had brought out.
The parents will say anything to have their child again,
so this has been exploited by these very cunning men.

In cases by the millions, over twenty years and one,
as counted from the time the current System had begun,
the parents were "found guilty" of this just-invented sin,
"admitting" guilt because of circumstances they were in.
The parents went to prison by the thousands in this time,
and none got back their children after "copping to this crime".

At best, it would be twelve or eighteen months of therapy
before you'd have your child again, if "lucky" should you be,
for that's as long as those within the System can get paid
before some "final disposition" of a case is made.
But, "final disposition" can bring profits even more
to those who take and treat the children of the very poor.

This System also runs the Child Adoption Agencies,
with "piecework payment," as the regulation guarantees,
for every child that passes through, as "orphaned" by the State,
and finds a "better guardian," with money as the bait.
Oh yes, the System pays the "kindly folks" who "save a child,"
by legally adopting one "the parents had defiled".

"So, how can I protect my children and myself," you ask,
"since I have not been educated to perform this task,
if we become the victims of this System by mistake?"
Well, there are certain changes that poor parents have to make!
And if you do not make these changes voluntarily,
you will remain at highest risk, though "lucky" you might be.

If you are using alcohol, or drugs of any sort,
You will not stand a chance if you are ever brought to Court,
and there will be no advocates to help you win your case,
regardless of the other charges you might have to face.
A drug-addicted or a drunkard parent stands alone,
for there are no defenses for the blame which is their own.

You cannot wait to make these changes after you get caught,
when charges true or false against you are already brought.
You would be found "an unfit parent" at the very least,
and chances for conviction are by quantum leaps increased.
You'd gladly make these changes after it becomes too late,
so make them now, reduce your risk; you'd be a fool to wait!


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