7 Texas kids found in Nigeria Orphanage

7 Texas kids found in Nigeria Orphanage

HOUSTON (AP) -- Seven Texas children were discovered abandoned at a Nigerian orphanage, suffering from disease and malnutrition, and have been brought back to the United States.

Child Protective Services, which received emergency custody of the children Monday, is investigating accusations that the children's adoptive mother abandoned them in Nigeria in October and later went to work in Iraq as a private contractor. The Houston woman, whose identity was not released, allegedly left them at a Nigerian school that later discharged them for nonpayment of tuition.

The children returned to Texas on Friday.




7 Texas kids found in Nigeria Orphanage



Adopted kids left in Africa returned to Houston

By Dale Lezon
 Seven skinny, sickly children reportedly abandoned in
Nigeria by their adoptive mother nearly a year ago were rescued from an orphanage and returned Monday to Child Protective Services in Houston.



Adoptive mother had been investigated

Houston child welfare officials investigated four complaints against an adoptive mother before she allegedly abandoned her seven children in Nigeria.



Adoptees Found in Africa Level New Charges 



American children found abandoned in Nigerian orphanage - stolen children, international black market child selling
By Pamela Gaston

In l993 Good Housekeeping did an article called STOLEN BABIES that said Oregon and ten other states were known at that time to be involved in black market child selling, at that time a white child worth 65,000, a minority child $45,000. the research showed.




Birth mom of abandoned kids speaks out

By Jeremy Desel

The plight of seven Houston children allegedly abandoned by their adopted mother in Nigeria has encouraged people who knew them to come forward.




Kids feared they wouldn't make it home

By Melanie Markley and Dale Lezon
Woman's version of how they landed in
Nigeria in doubt









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