Six year old called police - to punish mother

Six year old called the police - to punish mother

By Annika Sohlander, reporter

Translation: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, lawyer


Sundsvall (ST) July 12, 2007


This is the translation of the article "
Sexåring ringde polis - ville straffa mamma" that was previously published in Sundsvall Newspaper (Sundsvalls Tidning).




The police took the telephone call from the six year old girl very seriously.

But it all was an elaborate expression of anger.


The six year old girl wanted to punish her mother. She was angry because she had not got a handbag like her mother's. Because of this she called the police in Sundsvall yesterday afternoon.


On the telephone she explained that she had been struck by her mother.

"Of course we wanted to investigate the allegations, so we drove over to the family's home, says the police chief who was on duty.


When they got there they understood that it all was an expression of anger.


The real reason behind the report emerged quickly and the patrol could leave the premises.


"It occurs often that we have to answer to false alarms, but it is not so usual that children call us in this manner, says the police chief.



Sexåring ringde polis - ville straffa mamma
Av Annika Sohlander


Girl calls for police help over messy room
Berlin (Reuters)

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