Russia reports compulsory care of children to the Council of Europe

Russia reports compulsory care of children to the Council of Europe
By Ruby Harrold-Claesson, lawyer
Göteborg, October 6, 2012. 

The Russian delegation at the General Assembly at Council of Europe (PACE) intends to address the issue of the social services in the EU countries' abuse of power in cases concerning compulsory care of children.

Russia is now collecting signatures in order to address the issue.

The initiative has already been supported by the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, said Alexei Pusjkov, head of the Russian delegation at PACE to the Russian state radio station, Voice of Russia.

Sweden, which each year takes more children into public care than any other state in Europe, has not supported the initiative.

It is pleasing that
more and more countries have started to become aware of and protest against, the commerce of children that the social services in Sweden and the Nordic countries, have been engaged in for decades. Immigrant parents who have taken their children from their kidnappers and attempted to flee back to their home countries have been captured, sentenced to prison on charges 'child removal', ie kidnapping of their own children, and the children have been returned to the native (Swedish, Norwegian , Danish, Finnish) foster parents.

In 1987 Germany liberated the Nyberg family‘s children, who were forcibly taken into public care and placed in a foster home in the province of Småland. In 2010 Russia liberated Robert Rantala, In 2011 two Polish families hired the private detective "Rambo", to help them recover their children who were in compulsory care in Norway,, and in April 2012 India “negotiated” the freedom of Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya’s children from the social services in Stavanger,

The NCHR has worked untiringly to bring an end to the abuses of power committed against children - both national and immigrant - and their families, and that those who are responsible for crimes against children’s and their families’ human rights should be prosecuted and duly punished.

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