The speakers:





Asa Jansson



Åsa Jansson, pre-school teacher, politician


Åsa Jansson is by profession a pre-school teacher but she has spent most of her professional career in civil aviation, including that as an educator in safety and aviation law. She is widely known to like manuals and orderliness. Åsa Jansson has worked in NGO's that supports victims of sexual violence. She has been a member of the Social Services Committee for Children and Youth in Uppsala for two years.
For more information please see: Därför avgår vi (That's why we resign)





Svein KL Svendsen



Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen, Attorney

Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen is a lawyer in Stavanger, Norway.
He became a registered lawyer in 2009 and he has become well-known in Norway as a lawyer with a great sense of justice, and to voice legitimate criticism against corruption and abuse of power within the so-called child protection services.

Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen was the parents' counsel in the case of the Indian couple, Anurup Bhattacharya and Sagarika Chakraborty, whose infant children were taken by the CPS in Stavanger in 2011 and placed in foster care, until its dramatic dissolution in April 2012.
For more information please see:

Indian geoscientist's children confiscated by Norway's "child protection services"





Nancy Schouten


 Nancy Schouten, Belgium

Nancy Schouten is a citizen of Holland, residing in Belgium. She is the mother of five children. She works as a staff assistant for the disabled and elderly, and she is passionate about social issues and rights and justice.








LL.M., Medicine licentiate Siv Westerberg

LL.M., Medicine licentiate Siv Westerberg is one of the founders of the NCHR, former board member and now special resource in the NCHR. She has, in the past more than 30 years, made her mark in the general public debate, partly because she was stripped of her license to practice medicine under very dubious forms, but mainly because she has won a large number of cases against Sweden in the European Commission and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Siv Westerberg holds the European record in cases won in the European Court against a single country.




Debattpanelens moderator





Moderator: Madeleine Johansson, Lawyer

Madeleine Johansson works with civil law, family law and compulsary care cases. She is a former board member and now special resource for the NCHR. If time she participates in public debate.



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