NKMR Symposium at Scandic Crown 22 August

NKMR Symposium at Scandic Crown 22 August, 2009

      By Gillian Thylander, retired, authorised translator



Gillian Thylander is the Musical Director and Choir Mistress at St Andrew's Church in Gothenburg. She has for many years followed and supported the Nordic Committee's work for the protection of family rights in Sweden and the Nordic countries.

This piece has been copied from the St Andrew's Church Bulletin September 2009 - November 2009.

It is reproduced here with the kind consent of the author.





Ruby Harrold-Claesson has often told us about the Nordic Committee for the Human Rights of the Family, but no one gets so engrossed in the sad cases where children are taken into care unnecessarily, often under traumatic circumstances, as Ruby herself.




I would just like to mention the highlight of the symposium - a direct link to Nancy Schaefer in Georgia, USA. Apart from being a beautiful woman and a magnetic personality, her report on the following theme "The corrupt business of Child Protective Services" was highly appreciated. She lost her seat in the Senate due to her interest in pursuing this matter. She hopes that the powerful American press will get interested though at a meet­ing to be held in September in Memphis, I believe.


See her on being interviewed on U Tube.

Gillian Thylander

The corrupt business of Child Protective Services
By Nancy Schaefer, Senator, 50th District, Georgia - November 16, 2007, Updated: September 25, 2008

Nancy Schaefer on CPS - YouTube


The NCHR Symposium, August 22, 2009


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