The Program - Symposium 2018

Hosts: Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Madeleine Johansson







Ruby Harrold-Claesson, NCHR's president, Sweden, welcomes the Laureates, Speakers and participants.


Ruby Harrold-Claesson


Film screening. Screening of the Film "The Golden Cage". The Golden Cage is a dramatization of the book "A cage caught its bird. The story of Ewa and Kasia" by Ewa Nowacka.
Facts: On 16 August 1985 3-year Katarzyna (Kasia) Nowacka was forcibly removed from her parents by the of social services in Sweden. Her mother Ewa has written this story.
Production: Swedish Television AB Chanel 1, Stockholm; Director: Björn Melander; Screenwriter: Agneta Pleijel; Producer: Madeleine Sundgren; Photo: Ralph M. Evers; Music: Benny Andersson; Adaptation: Björn Melander.
"The Golden Cage" consists of four (4) parts. It was shown only once, in 1991, on SVT 1.
The film is 270 minutes long, so we will show only ONE part.
(61 min).

Information and discussion



Eva Marie Lindhe
, Lawyer: "Children are removed from their families without pressing reasons." (Please see presentation)

Madeleine Johansson

12.00 -




Presentation to the NCHR's Laureates:

Suranya Aiyar
, Lawyer, New Delhi, India. She participated activly in the campaign against the Norwegian CPS / Barnevernet, for the liberation of the children Hon deltog aktivt i kampen mot of the indian family, Bhattacharya, who in 2011 - 2012 were removed from their parents and placed in public care. by the Municipality of Stavanger.
Lecture: The Way Forward: Information exchange and strategies for obtaining more transparency about human rights violations by child protection agencies and courts worldwide.
(Please see Presentation)

Florence Bellone, journalist at The Belgian TV. She has exposed the gross violations committed against children and families in Britain and other countries.
Lecture: Britain's and other European States failure to protect the basic Human Right to private- and family life.
(Please see Presentation)

Christopher Booker, journalist at The Sunday Telegraph andThe Telegraph, since 1990. He is the British journalist who has published the majority of aticles on pressing social matters and he has challenged different governments' policies concerning the removal of children from their families and the foster-home industry.
(Please see Presentation).

Gunnar Gramnes, former reporter at Radio Sweden. He was Program Manager and Producer for "Money & Right", (Pengar och Rätt), at P1 for several years, during which time he produced the report about the young, Chilean refugee boy, Juan Morales, who had been removed from his family and placed in a Swedish foster home - without contact with his mother.
(Please see Presentation)

Marius Reikerås, Human Rights activist, former lawyer, in Bergen, Norway.
He participated actively actively in the campaign against Barnevernet in Nausdal for the liberation of the five children of the Norwegian-Romanian family.
Lecture: Why is Norway being found guilty at The European Court of Human Rights?
(Please see Presentation)

Valerie Riches, Family Rights activist, London England. She was an exemplary campaigner for the protection of the rights of children and families in Britain, the English-speaking countries and internationally.
(Please see Presentation).

Ruby Harrold-Claesson


























Madeleine Johansson


Parents who have suffered at the hands of the CPS recount their cases.
Christer Johansson:
"Gotland CPS kidnapped my son and destroyed my family"
(Please see presentation)

Raili Rindelöv:
"Finland's CPS destroys well-functioning families"
(Please see presentation)

Mikael Sandberg:
The escape from Sweden's Best Municipality
(Please see presentation)

Madeleine Johansson

15.00 -




Dag Sverre Aamodt, former lawyer in Norway
"Norway's CPS damages children and ruins their families(Please see presentation)

Ruby Harrold-Claesson:
"The Tibro Case" and other cases

Madeleine Johansson




Moderator: Madeleine Johansson, Lawyer


Jenny Beltrán, lawyer, Eva Marie Lindhe, lawyer,
Christer Johansson, father and engineer, Raili Rindelöv, mother and teacher,
Mikael Sandberg, father and civil servant





Ruby Harrold-Claesson




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