Presentation of the Laureates - 2018



Presentation Lifetime Awardees 2018

Lifetime Achievement Awards, September 29, 2018

The Laureates

  Suranya Aiyar

Suranya Aiyar, lawyer, New Delhi, India

 Suranya Aiyaris awarded the NCHR's honorary diploma, for outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement, not only for Indian children and families in Norway but also for children and families in her home country and internationally.
Suranya Aiyar is a lawyer in New Delhi, India. She is a courageous, energetic and dedicated Family Rights defender
Suranya Aiyar became involved in the case of the Indian family, Bhattacharya, whose children were forcibly removed from their care by the child protection services "Barnevernet" in Stavanger, Norway, and placed in foster homes, with very little contact with their parents.
Suranya Aiyar mobilized opinion in India and she convinced the government of India to intervene for the protection of the Bhattacharya children, who, within two years, were released from Barnevernet and handed over to their uncle, an unmarried dentist.
Upon return to India, the children were reunited with their family.
Suranya Aiyar continues her activism for the protection of Indian immigrant children against Norwegian CPS. She writes and publishes well-researched and analytical articles in The Sunday Guardian and she continues to engage other activists to protect not only Indian children in Norway, but also for the protection of vulnerable children in the Nordic countries, Europe and The USA, who may be subjected to forced removals and foster care placements without just cause.
Suranya Aiyar is married and she has two young children. She is also the author of children's books.
For more information please see, inter alia: Save Your children 
Suranya Aiyar "New childcare laws in India are putting innocents at risk"
The Sunday Guardian, September 8, 2018,
Suranya Aiyar"Juvenile injustice: Dangerous turn in Indian childcare law",
The Sunday Guardian, September 1, 2018
Suranya Aiyar "Risks of granting the state full powers to confiscate children"
The Sunday Guardian, July 28, 2018


Lifetime Achievement Award

Florence Bellone 

Florence Bellone, journalist, Nice, France

Florence Bellone is awarded the NCHR's honorary diploma, for outstanding journalism bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement.
She was a correspondent at RTBF (Belgium-French-speaking radio) in Britain, where she conducted a deep and far-reaching investigation into the fate of so-called protected children.
Florence Bellone participated in the UK parliamentary investigation, 2012-2013, where she made a written submission (see below).

Florence Bellone's report on the state abuse of children and families in Britain shocked French-speaking Belgium and she was awarded the prestigious European Commission Lorenzo Natali Prize for Human Rights. The report gave rise to many reactions and an abundant amount of letters to the Editor.

Florence Bellone continues to work as a journalist and she is often invited to lecture at conferences throughout Europe.

Please read: The Child Protection System in England. Supplementary written evidence from Florence Bellone
Florence Bellone. La protection de l'enfance au Royaume-Uni est un trafic légalisé qui débouche sur un crime honteux : l'adoption forcée

Child protection in England: In the best interest of the child?
Florence Bellone's Lecture at the NCHR/NKMR Symposium on the theme: "The Child’s Human Right to private and family life", September 9, 2017.



Lifetime Achievement Award

Christopher Booker

Christopher Booker, journalist and author, London, England

Christopher Booker is awarded the NCHR's honorary diploma, for outstanding journalism, bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement. Christopher Booker is an English journalist and author. In 1961, he was one of the founders of the magazine Private Eye, and he has contributed to it since then. He has been a columnist for The Sunday Telegraph and The Telegraph, since 1990.
Christopher Booker is the British journalist who has written most extensively about burning social issues and he has leveled harsh criticism against various governments' policies concerning forcibly removing children from their families for foster home placements and forced adoptions. Christopher Booker has also exposed the British social services practices of removing children from their loving, caring parents and placing them in foster homes to live with totally incompetent, uncaring strangers, to the detriment of the children and the destruction of their families.
Of Christopher Booker can be said:
He is an energetic and dedicated family rights defender.

Child protection services: A mother’s diary records the awful death of a child 'in care’
By Christopher Booker.

A mother sent to prison on evidence she cannot see
The case of Vicky Haigh highlights what passes for justice in Britain today
By Christopher Booker




Lifetime Achievement Award

Gunnar Gramnes

Gunnar Gramnes, former journalist and program manager at Radio Sweden.

Gunnar Gramnes, former journalist and program manager at Radio Sweden, is awarded the NCHR/NKMR honorary diploma 2018 for his analytic and insightful journalistic productions.

Gunnar Gramnes started as a journalist at Radio Swedenin 1977. He worked for ten years with the News program (Ekot) before returning to his hometown, Karlstad, where he became the Program One (P1) correspondent for Radio Sweden. In 1993 when the National Radio and Local Radio merged, Gunnar Gramnes worked on the editorial board of the P1, 10 O'clock. He was Program Manager and Producer for "Money & Right", (Pengar och Rätt), at P1 for several years.
As Program Manager, he spent the last years working with "After-Twelve" and "Program Four investigates" on P4, on Sundays.

In the program series, Money & Right, (Pengar och Rätt), Gunnar Gramnes produced two reports about the young Chilean refugee boy, Juan Morales, who was forcibly removed from his family and placed in a foster home, without contact with his family.
The report on Juan Morales was an eye-opener for many people as to the real purposes for the social services' removal of children from their families and placing them in foster homes.

Please listen to:

Pengar och Rätt Part 1


Pengar och Rätt Part 2


Lifetime Achievement Award

 Marius Reikerås

Marius Reikerås, Lawyer, Bergen, Norway

Marius Reikerås is awarded the NCHR/NKMR honorary diploma 2018 for outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement. Marius Reikerås is an energic och charismatic family rights activist.
As a lawyer, Marius Reikerås has always battled against the Norwegian court system, to protect his clients' Human rights.
For many years, Marius Reikerås has been at the forefront of the protests and demonstrations against the Norwegian CPS, "Barnevernet", both in Norway and internationally. He participated actively in the fight against Barnevernet in Nausdal for the liberation of the Norwegian-Romanian family's five children.
He has organised and participated in international and national manifestations against the unnecessary and damaging forcible removals of children from their loving, caring families, which are being perpetrated by Barnevernet.
Marius Reikerås is often invited to participate in Radio- and TV-interviews in many countries and he has participated in many debates at the European Parliament and at international conferences.
Marius Reikerås has achieved something that no one else has ever achieved. In the Spring of 2018 he lost the Case "Lobben and others vs. Norway", and usually, when a case does not win at the European Court, it is forever lost. But Marius Reikerås scrutinized the verdict and saw that the reason why Norway had won and his clients had lost was that the Norwegian judge at the European Court had voted to Norway's benefit.
Marius Reikerås launched protests against the verdict, his protests gained massive support, and the European Court has submitted the verdict to the Grand Chamber!
At present, Marius Reikerås is preparing to appear before the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, which, on October 18, 2018 will deliver a new verdict in the case "Lobben and others vs. Norway".

  Please see:
Statsrådens konstitusjonelle ansvar i Lobben- og i Ensby - sakene




Lifetime Achievement Award

Valerie Riches

 Valerie Riches, (1924-2018), Family Rights campaigner, London, England

Valerie Riches is awarded the NCHR/NKMR's honorary diploma, posthumously, for outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement not only for children and families in England and the English-speaking countries, but also internationally.

Valerie Riches was often a lonely voice of sanity and clarity in a world of madness and confusion. She demonstrated great courage in standing up for attitudes and standards that had fallen out of vogue among those who prided themselves on being "progressive".
In addition to parliamentary campaigning, she wrote articles and letters to the press, authored pamphlets and booklets, contributed informed comment in the press and media and organised research projects. She spoke at conferences in 30 different countries across five continents. Her booklet, Sex and Social Engineering, went through several editions and was translated into a dozen languages. It remains in print in updated and expanded form under the title Sex Education or Indoctrination?

Through her tireless work, Valerie Riches put fresh hope into despairing hearts. She exerted a much-needed positive influence in the midst of social decay, and touched many lives throughout the world.

An obituary for Valerie Riches is published in the Daily Telegraph, and her life was featured on BBC Radio 4's The Last Word programme. The fact that such honours have been accorded to Valerie Riches is testimony to the esteem in which her work continues to be held.
For more information please see:
Family Education Trust




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