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Florence Bellone, journalist, Nice, France


Florence Bellone is an energetic and colorful human rights defender.
She is a correspondent at RTBF (Belgium-French-speaking radio) in Britain, where she conducted a deep and far-reaching investigation into the fate of so-called protected children.
Florence Bellone participated in the UK parliamentary investigation, 2012-2013, where she made a written submission (see below).

Florence Bellone's report on the state abuse of children and families in Britain shocked French-speaking Belgium and she was awarded the prestigious European Commission Lorenzo Natali Prize for Human Rights. The report gave rise to many reactions and an abundant amount of letters to the Editor.

Florence Bellone continues to works as a journalist and she is often invited to lecture at conferences throughout Europe.

 Please read: The Child Protection System in England. Supplementary written evidence from Florence Bellone

Florence Bellone. La protection de l’enfance au Royaume-Uni est un trafic légalisé qui débouche sur un crime honteux : l'adoption forcée





Sven-Erik Berg

Sven-Erik Berg, Grandfather, Nordmaling


Sven-Erik Berg is an energetic and dedicated human rights defender.
He is the grandfather of Tina, who was born in 1993 and removed by force from her family and was placed in a foster home, under the term of the "best interests of the child".

After a long and tiresome struggle, Sven-Erik Berg and his wife, Ingrid Berg, managed to secure the return of his granddaughter, Tina, to her mother.

Sven-Erik Berg was active in the Grandmothers' Revolt, which in 1997 succeeded in making the Parliament pass a new law into the Social Services Act, Section 22, 4th paragraph, for the rights of grandparents and close relatives to be investigated as foster carers for relatives' children on the same terms as the strangers who the social services usually chose as foster carers. Sven-Erik Berg has written the book "Authority Mafia", which deals with Tina's case and the persecution that they suffered at the hands of the social welfare authorities, prosecutors and the courts.

Read: TINAFALLET av Sven-Erik Berg,
See also: BARNAROV

Read the NCHR's presentation of Sven-Erik Berg's book: MYNDIGHETSMAFFIAN



 Trine Ødemotland, Lawyer, v. president NCHR, Denmark 

Trine Ødemotland is a lawyer in Fredriksberg, Denmark.
She is the vice president of the NCHR and, like all the other members of the NCHR's steering committee, she has a burning passion for justice and protection of the rights of children and their families, not only in our Nordic countries but also in Europe and around the world.

For more information please see:



Jorge Jiménez Martín, judge, Barcelona, Spain


Jorge Jiménez Martín is a juvenile judge and he is a teacher at the school of magistracy.

Jorge Jiménez Martín works closely with children, families and the social system to ensure the best results for the children and families who are brought to his attention and that of the authorities. He has expressed serious concern for the rise in cases of children abusing their parents.



  Sverre Eskeland, legal representative, Bergen, Norway 

Sverre Eskeland has worked for at least 20 years as legal representative for families whose children have been forcibly taken from them by Norwegian child welfare and placed in foster homes.
He was an substitute member of the Steering Committee of the NCHR Board for many years and he has lectured at the NKMR Symposium on several occasions.
Although Sverre Eskeland is no longer a member of the NCHR's Steering Committee, he continues to work for justice and the protection of the rights of children and their families, not only in Norway and in our Nordic countries but also in Europe and in the world at large.

Please read: Rettssikkerhet, barnevern og forandringer i lovverket - Sverre Eskelands foredrag

Debate Moderator:

Madeleine Johansson, Lawyer, Göteborg, Sweden

Madeleine Johansson, Lawyer, works with civil law, family law and compulsory state care of children.
She is a board member, the secretary, and special resource in the NCHR.
Madeleine Johansson is a strong defender of children's and families' human rights and she was part of the delegation which traveled to the European Parliament's Petitions Committee in mid-April 2016 for the presentation of the
When time permits, she participates in societal debates.


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