The Speakers NCHR 2016


The Speakers:


 Marius Reikerås, Lawyer, Bergen, Norge

 Marius Reikerås is an energetic and vigorous human rights campaigner.
He has, in recent years, been at the forefront of both the domestic and international struggle against the Norwegian CPS. He participates in international and domestic protests against the unnecessary, harmful state confiscation of children perpetrated by Norwegian CPS. He is often invited to participate in TV-interviews and he has participated in various debates in the European Parliament.
Marius Reikerås was the lawyer for the North Sea Divers Alliance in their compensation law-suit against the Norwegian government.
Marius Reikerås is highly critical of the way in which the government of Norway treats its citizens' human rights and he has won cases against Norway in the European Court of Human Rights. 

 Please read: Åpent brev til Justisdepartementet, fra Marius Reikerås
(Open letter to the Justice department, from Marius Reikerås)



  Zoe Kiouro, para legal student, Göteborg

Zoe Kiouro is a 44 year old single mother. She has two daughters aged 14 and soon 9 years. She has done her practicals at Mrs Siv Westerberg, LL.M., medicine licentiate, law firm in Gothenburg. During her internship at Siv Westerberg's law firm, she came in contact with "The Donia Case".
LL.M Siv Westerberg had been commissioned by the NCHR to review the police's and prosecutors' handling the Donia Case and to try to bring about a criminal investigation surrounding the death of the girl in the foster home.
Zoe Kiouro saw the Donia Case as a challenging examination subject. She contacted Donia's mother, received her permission, and started on the road a qualified paralegal investigation under the leadership by Siv Westerberg.

The title of the essay: "Lex Donia" came from Donia herself
Donia's final and apparently last expressed wish in life was that she should not be forgotten.




Henning Witte, Ph. D, german and swedish lawyer 

Henning Witte has about 30 years of practical litigation experience from courts in Germany and Sweden. His knowledge of the German judiciary has made him able to present many suggestions for improvement for Sweden. In the 1990's and in the early 2000's, Henning Witte was the legal representative for two relatives associations after the Estonia disaster. His Estonia involvement has given him a unique opportunity to test the justice systems in Europe and given him inside knowledge about the establishment. He is frequently engaged as a lecturer throughout Europe.
Henning Witte owns and operates
Webb-TV channel, White TV



 Elisabeth Scheffer, Lawyer

 Elisabeth Scheffer runs her own law firm in Stockholm, and she is the secretary of the NCHR. Elisabeth Scheffer is a strong defender of children's and their families', human rights, and she was part of the delegation that traveled to the European Parliament's Petitions Committee in mid-April 2016 for the presentation of the Petition.
She was later invited to speak in the European Parliament on 16 June, 2016.
See: CHILDREN NOT FOR SALE - "The black hole of our Culture"

The Debate Panel


Madeleine Johansson, Lawyer
Madeleine Johansson works with civil law, family law and administrative law.
She is a former board member and now a special resource in the NCHR. Madeleine Johansson is a strong defender of childresn' and their families' human rights, and she was part of the delegation that traveled to Parliament's Petitions Committee in mid-April 2016 for the presentation of the
If time permits, she participates in the public debate.



Jenny Beltrán, Lawyer.
Jenny Beltrán
is vice president of the NCHR. Since 2010 she runs her own law firm in Gothenburg.
For more information about the LL.M Jenny Beltrán please visit the NCHR's web site. See: Board

Please read:
"Då får socialsekreterarnas makt och bristande kunskap om reglerna katastrofala följder" (
"Then the social workers' power and incompetence will have disastrous consequences")



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The Laureates

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