In memory of Margit Eliasson
Margit, a friend and former board member of the NCHR

Margit Eliasson delivering a speech at the NCHR/NKMR:s symposium in Göteborg on June 12, 1998

Dear Margit, it is always so difficult to say goodbye to a good and faithful friend and companion in the struggle for Family rights in the Nordic countries. Margit, spokesperson for The Grandmother's Rebellion (Mormorsupproret) and board member of NCHR, and I, president of the NCHR, have fought side by side for children and their parents and relatives, human rights: their right to respect for their private and family life. The right to respect for everyone's private and family life is a right guaranteed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Margit was a member of the steering committee of the NCHR for only one year. She resigned because she had had her first heart attack. Margit became a board member of the NCHR after she stayed her duties as spokesperson for The Grandmother's Rebellion, which she led with great success for at least ten years. It was Margit and her Grandmother's Rebellion which in 1997 gave Sweden's children the right - a right which has always been natural for children of all other countries in the world - to live with their grandparents and other relatives if they should lose their parents.

Margit was one of the speakers at NCHR's first symposium in Gothenburg in June 1998. On behalf of the Board and members of NCHR I wish extend a big THANK YOU to you Margit for your invaluable work for Sweden's unfortunate children, those who are removed unnecessarily from the care of their parents by the social services and placed in foster homes among often unsuitable people, although they have grandparents and other relatives who are willing and able to take care of them.

Dear Margit, I already miss your pleasant voice when you would call and say, 'Hey Ruby, it is Margit". That was the signal that there was something interesting to follow. You used to call and tell about interesting cases of unnecessary taking of children into public care and about maternal and paternal grandparents and other relatives' struggle against unnecessary government intervention in the lives of their children, grandchildren or relatives. You used to call and tell about interesting newspaper articles that I was able to link to the NCHR's website. If the articles were not on the Internet you gave me the names and phone numbers so that I could contact them to obtain their permission to publish their articles directly on the NCHR's website.

You have been silenced as a friend, companion in the struggle for a common goal and source of information, Margit, but you have not disappeared out into thin air. You have left clear traces in Sweden's recent history through your voluntary commitment as a spokesperson for The Grandmother's Rebellion and as a board member of the NCHR.

Once again, I want to say a big THANK YOU to you Margit for your friendship and for your invaluable work for Sweden's unfortunate children.

I thank you Margit that I have had the privilege of having got to know you, to meet your husband, Lennart, your daughter, Carina and your grandson, Dennis.


Your friend,


Ruby Harrold-Claesson,

President of the NCHR/NKMR
April 15, 2007

Till Minne av Margit Eliasson

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